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In 1970, Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. conducted a survey of scientific literature to compare recovery rates for various modalities of therapy:

  • Psychoanalysis can be expected to have a 38% recovery rate after approximately 600 sessions.
  • Behaviour therapy (Wolpian) can be expected to have a 72% recovery rate after an average of 22 sessions.
  • Hypnotherapy can be expected to have a 93% recovery rate after an average of 6 sessions

Copy/paste this url to your browser to read the source document for this study (Source: Barrios, Alfred A. "Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal," Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice (1970) ): http://www.stresscards.com/hypnotherapy_reappraisal.php

Since hypnosis and hypnotherapy were accepted by the American Medical Society as a legitimate therapeutic agent in 1958, a great deal of research has been conducted on the efficiency and effectiveness of hypnosis. Several investigators during the 1970’s and 1980’s provided clinical and experimental evidence about the effectiveness of hypnosis for smoking cessation, substance abuse, weight loss, phobias, depression, and anxiety. These results were summarized by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis as follows:

  • Home Study Self-Hypnosis : 2 – 5% success rate
  • Group Hypnosis Session: 2 – 5% success rate
  • Single Individual Session: 17 – 20% success rate 
  • Three Individual Sessions: 45 – 50% success rate
  • Five or More Individual Sessions: 85 – 90% success rate

Hypnosis with multiple, individualized and tailored sessions, is probably one of the most effective ways to bring about desired changes in the least amount of time.